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  • Hands

    5 Ways To Give It Away

    Internal focus yields the dissatisfaction of a life that is stagnant. The only way for life to flow through any one of us is for us to live external of ourselves. We have to choose to live beyond our immediate personal comfort or preferences. That requires sacrifice but that sacrifice pays the price for the […]

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  • Set-Apart

    Set Apart To Stay Apart

    Which is more difficult, success or failure? Is it easier to walk in the peace and security of identity when we are challenged by our circumstances or when we are comfortable in our situation? Does either option present greater opportunity to actually do what we believe? Obviously, we all naturally desire success. We want to […]

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  • Forest

    Enjoying The Way

    This deal is never as sterile and never as perfect as we imagine it can be. We can white board ideas and implement good intentions but the application always falls short of the expectation. There are always downs that go with the ups and as we strive towards the plateau of perfection. Our purpose depends […]

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